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Since 1996 our mission has been to provide every child an opportunity for personal success. Founder, Duncan Campbell, envisioned using golf to provide positive youth development by focusing on instilling integrity and making people of rich character. That is the mission of The Children’s Course.

Lessons for Life

The game of golf affords a holistic learning experience that teaches interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, etiquette, self-control, mental discipline as well as physical skills. Students learn to be responsible and develop a sense of judgment as they evaluate actions and their consequences.  


The THRIVE Mentor program was designed to provide leadership and role models for kids who may not have ready access to personal guidance. THRIVE produces tangible results—participants get help in applying to colleges and technical schools. 

Focus on Personal Growth

We are focused on the personal growth of each child who enters the program. We are there to help each child recognize their potential. We help develop positive, contributing members to our community.

"The Learning Center will provide the ability to reach more kids, more often, in a safe environment. More kids can learn lessons for life—and have fun while they are doing it."

                               Duncan Campbell

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